Welcome to Stockshed. Distributor of Nixon Flow Meter Solutions.

Stockshed is an international sales and support distributor of the Nixon range of flow metering solutions. Nixon Flowmeters, incorporated in 1969, has always specialised in the manufacture and supply of flowmeter and flow measurement devices. Our partnership with Nixon offers a wide range of flow meter technology from simple low cost all plastic variable area flow meters to high accuracy turbine and electromagnetic meters. Nixon manufacture liquid flow meters and gas flow meter types including water flow meters in many sizes. Nixon Flowmeters are suitable for most applications such as fuel flow metering, oil flow metering, diesel flow metering and petrol flow metering.

The chemically resistant construction and high accuracy digital flow meter design, with pulse outputs, can handle almost any fluid. For hazardous areas, turbine meters can be supplied with ATEX Intrinsically safe pick off coils.

Stockshed provide international sales, support and customer service for Nixon flow meter solutions.