About Us

Stockshed Limited is a leading instrumentation, controls and metering company based in the UK serving an international customer base. We offer best in class instrumentation from recognised and renowned manufacturers on short or overnight delivery where customers require quality, service, speedy product delivery, simplistic ordering and repeat ordering process.

We believe industrial instruments and components should be simple to order online, include all product options and have the ability to include tag numbers or order notes when placing orders. We also offer the option on some products to upload an application data sheet for our engineers to check the ordered product will match or exceed the application specification. Alternatively, we would welcome the opportunity to assist with your enquiry either through live chat on the site, over the telephone or through email.

Please note that we have partnerships with many industry leading manufacturers and are able to competitively supply, provide ongoing support and offer product advice on instrumentation and controls across most measurement and metering principles. Our online products do not represent our complete range so please contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

About Nixon Flow Meters

Nixon Flowmeters was formed in 1969 and has always specialised in the manufacture and supply of flow meter and flow measurement devices. Nixon can supply a wide range of flow meters from simple low cost All Plastic Variable Area flow meters to high accuracy Turbine and electromagnetic types.

Nixon manufacture and stock hold liquid flow meters and gas flow meter types including water flow meters in many sizes.

Nixon Flowmeters can offer flow meters for many applications such as fuel flow meter, oil flow meter, diesel flow meter and petrol flow meter types.

With their chemically resistant, high accuracy digital flow meter designs with pulse outputs, they can handle almost any fluid. For hazardous areas turbine meters can be supplied with ATEX Intrinsically safe pick off coils.

Nixon have a large range of secondary display instrumentation to choose from with flow rate, total flow throughput, retransmission, batching and scaled pulse option Electromagnetic flow meters are available in full bore and insertion type designs. The displays on these can show both flow rate and flow total.

Nixon Flow meters are experts in the selection and supply of flow measurement equipment and any type of flow meter can be specified and supplied. Nixon also stock hold hundreds of low cost all plastic variable area types for quick delivery. They are available with low / high flow switches and transmitters.

This site is owned and operated by Stockshed Limited to provide an online sales presence of the Nixon range of flow meter solutions for improved customer service.