Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine Flow Meters

Nixon NT Industrial Range Turbine Flow Meters

Over 40 years, thousands of units have been sold to all classes of industry where the Nixon turbine flow meter design has an excellent reputation for durability. All flow sensors are manufactured entirely in house to control quality and availability. The range is available on short deliveries and popular sizes are held ex-stock.

Available in a wide variety of body sizes, all turbine flow meters possess an electrical pulse output directly proportional to measuring flow rate.

Nixon BNO Hygienic Range Turbine Flow Meters

The BNO series flow meters have been designed specifically for high accuracy flow measurement and batch control in the liquid food industries, conforming to the same exacting standards as the NT industrial flowmeters for performance.

In the basic design, Nixon flow meters have been aware of the particular hygienic requirements of pharmaceutical industries and great care has been taken to ensure the absence of crevices where bacteria can lodge and breed. The materials used in construction ensure that no corrosive attack occurs when in-place cleaning agents are used.

Nixon Pelton Wheel Range Turbine Flow Meters

A turbine flow meter operating on the Pelton wheel principle for low flow rate applications on low viscosity fluids. Conventional axial flow turbine meters become increasingly difficult to manufacture in very small sizes and bearing drag becomes more significant. The Pelton wheel however still retains a manageable diameter allowing close machining tolerances whilst being capable of handling very low flow rates with reasonable accuracy.

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